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Elaine Wollberg CD

Elaine Wollenberg has a talent and a passion for music, despite her challenge with autism and being legally blind.


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  1. Let’s Spend the Night Together
  2. Country Roads
  3. Money Can’t Buy Me Love
  4. I Love How You Love Me
  5. Leavin On a Jet Plane
  6. You Are My Sunshine
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Deck the Halls
  9. White Christmas
  10. Silent Night
  11. Frosty the Snowman
  12. Little rummer Boy
  13. The First Noel
  14. Let it Be
  15. Hey Jude
  16. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
  17. Early Morning Rain
  18. Scarborough Fair
  19. Sounds of Silence
  20. Ruby Tuesday
  21. Dixie

Elaine Wollberg CD

  • Elaine started playing the piano at the young age of six years old. Her innate skill for music, and pure delight for it, are evident every time she has the opportunity to play her keyboard or recorder. The inspiration for her CD was her wish to share her music with others.

    Elaine has lived at Opportunity House, Inc., since 1985. She receives instruction and some assistance in every day living, and is involved in a variety of volunteer and employment activities in her local community.

    This CD was made possible by the following people:

    Tammy Dumas, Anne Marie Charest and Dave Davino.

    Tammy is the Assistant Director at Opportunity House’s Employment Services Program and locates job opportunities for Elaine and others. Tammy promoted and coordinated the making of this CD.

    Ann Marie Charest is Elaine’s current music instructor. She is a dedicated and supportive person who accompanied Elaine during the recording of the CD. Ann Marie provides musical instruction to Elaine on a monthly basis.

    Many thanks to Dave Davino, from the bands “Age of Reason” and “No Shame.” for his many hours of work in the recording studio ( and the production of this CD.

    “I dedicate this CD to my family and especially my mother… Grace”

    Elaine’s Premier Album is $8.00 plus $6 Shipping and Handling

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