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Opportunity House Inc Residents Help with Community Programs

Giving Back

Opportunity House, Inc. joins with community partners to help residents feel helpful. Whether that's sorting food donations at the CT Food Bank, collecting bottles, cans and printer cartridges from local businesses, or delivering meals, they give their heart and soul. 

Our Community Partners

  • AIDS Project New Haven Caring Cuisine Program
    We pick up a weeks’ worth of frozen meals and deliver them to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses in the New Haven area.

    Bottle and recycling of their Orange, CT headquarters.

  • Books & Company
    A Hamden Store organization and retail outlet for participant's products.

  • FISH
    Fish of Greater New Haven is an agency that delivers groceries to homebound and needy families in the greater New Haven area. Our participants pick up  and deliver bags of groceries for families.

  • Ecoworks
    Ecoworks is a re-use center and re-boutique gift shop of up-cycled and repurposed goods. Opportunity House participants job is to sort and organize all donated items at the Ecoworks shop.

  • Havens Harvest / Food Rescue US
    We have a multitude of food rescue runs weekly where we pick up donated food from various stores, businesses, and companies, and deliver it to local food pantries, soup kitchens, churches, and other social service agencies.

  • PEZ
    Workers help the Orange, CT location with organizing, sorting, and labeling the world-famous PEZ candy products for distribution.

  • North Haven Advisor
    Some residents help deliver  this free community weekly newspaper to individual homes in Hamden, North Haven, and Northford.

  • Orange Food Pantry
    Some residents help organize, sort, and inventory foodbank items.

  • Shorty’s Barber Shop
    One participant works at Shorty’s barber shop cleaning before the customers arrive.

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