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Opportunity House Inc Resident at Home

Live with Us

Opportunity House, Inc. provides supported living homes for adults with autism. Our three homes are located in residential neighborhoods, nestled into the peaceful woods of Hamden and Cheshire, Connecticut. 

On the outside, our residential homes look like any other suburban houses; we work hard to ensure our residents become a valued and included part of their community.


All of the programs that Opportunity House, Inc. offers are designed to increase resident's independence and to enhance their self-esteem.

A Safe, Stable and Consistent Home

Each of our houses provides a stable and consistent home for up to six residents. Each resident has their own private room, to furnish and accessorize as they and their families chose. Residents share two bathrooms, a recreation room, living room, laundry room, and kitchen. 

Life in our homes is similar to most family homes. Each resident helps with meals, daily light housekeeping, and grocery shopping, as their skills allow. We provide support in self-care activities such as bathing and grooming, while assisting our residents to be as independent as possible. 

Our residents take part in leisure activities in the community including going to the movies, attending sporting events and generally being part of local events. Of course, we allow our residents to make choices and to express their preferences for recreational activities. 

Social and communication skills are a priority for us. We work with our residents to foster friendships, build supportive family relationships, and to develop communication skills. The best and most appropriate method is used for each resident.  

We also provide the services recommended by professionals associated with our resident's care, including consultants such as OT, speech and language specialists, nutrition specialists, and medical professionals.

Family & Individual Rights

The rights of each individual are important to us. That's why all resident's parents and/or guardians, as well as the individual resident concerned, participate in any decision that will affect their lives. 

Family members may also be appointed to the Board of Directors to oversee the operations of Opportunity House. We welcome family involvement in our homes and our programs. Opportunity House homes are life-long residences, providing a stable, consistent and caring home for our residents now and into the future. 

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