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Opportunity House Inc. Residents


Opportunity House, Inc. will continually strive to support its’ lifelong residents within the autism spectrum to develop to their fullest potential and to achieve an optimal quality of life at home, at work, and in the community.


Opportunity House, Inc. is designed to provide Residential and Day Service Programs for adults within the autism spectrum.  Opportunity House, Inc. provides a highly structured residential, educational, and recreational environment that is focused on each individual’s needs, skills, abilities and preferences.  Individual programs are designed for each resident through an interdisciplinary team approach and promote increased independence and facilitate development in personal, social, communication, and employment-related skills.  Staff providing the supervision and support for Opportunity House, Inc. residents receive extensive, recurring training as required by the State of Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services to foster learning and to ensure maximum health and safety for each resident.  Residents’ parents, guardians, and family members are strongly encouraged to commit to involvement in their resident’s life through team participation and regular contact.  The goal of Opportunity House, Inc. is to provide an appropriate level of support and care – socially, emotionally, physically and medically – to address the changing needs of each resident.


Opportunity House, Inc. will provide a wide range of services throughout the lifetime of every individual served, resulting in the best quality of life possible.


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