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Opportunity House Residents at Home

Considerations for Admission

All referrals to Opportunity House, Inc. will be reviewed when vacancies exist. We are guided by the State of Conn. Dept. of Developmental Services' regulations.​

  • Diagnosis within the autism spectrum and must be ambulatory upon admission.

  • Behavioral challenges, difficulties with communication skills, medical and social/emotional needs.

  • Currently enrolled in an educational, day services, or employment program which operates at least 5 days per week.

  • Sufficient funding to support their level of need for residential and employment/vocational services placement.

  • Must have a legally appointed guardian.

Opportunity House, Inc. reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant, even if the above criteria is met, if the administration deems that an applicant may not be an appropriate match with current residents in any living or work setting under our management.

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